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  1. 1. An entrance arch decorated with floral arrangements and fabric drapes in theme colours to match the Mandap chosen

  2. 4 flower stands will be placed along the aisle.

  3.  A floral covered aisle (red carpet) of approx size 30 ft length x 6ft width will be provided by us, leading to the Mandap.

  4. Mandap Options – Includes Traditional Mandap adorned with Flowers & Drape Also includes Bridal Low Seating Sankheda Chairs, Bajoths, Havan Kund, Decorative Pots and Ornaments

  5. 12 ftx 12 ft Designer flexed platform (mandap base)

  6. 2 Varmala

  7. Chair tie backs in theme colours . These chairs will be arranged in theatre style in front of the Mandap with a center aisle

  8. Floral chaddar or doli for bride

  9.  Flower petals for guests

  10. Ghodi/Vintage car from Groom

  11. A 11 piece wedding brass band

  12. Ambiance light for uplighting mandap

Please check images below (Inclusion)

Wedding Mandap Option 1

Wedding Mandap Option 2

Wedding Mandap Option 3

Wedding Mandap Option 4

Foral Chaddar


Wedding Doli

Wedding Band

ADDONS (optional things can be added)

  1. Dhol Players
  2. Elephant Entry