Wedding Day Package 1


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  1. An entrance arch decorated with floral arrangements and fabric drapes in
  2. theme colours to match the Mandap chosen. 
  3. 4 flower stands will be placed along the aisle.  An floral aisle of approx size 30 ft length x 6ft width will be provided by us, leading to the Mandap
  4. Mandap Options (Any of the 5 options below) , Traditional Floral and Drapes Mandap on a Flexed Platform , Low Seating Sankheda Chairs, Bajoths, Decorative Pots and Ornaments . 
  5. Stage with Designer Flex Finish 
  6. 2 Varmala
  7. Chairs to be provided by hotel
  8. Chair tie backs in theme colours . These chairs will be arranged in theatre style in front of the Mandap with a center aisle
  9. Basic Pooja Essentials like havan kund, plates and spoons
  10. Flower petals for guests to shower on bride and groom 

Please check images below (Inclusion)

Entrance Arch in Colors as per Mandap Selection

Mandap Option 1 -- With petaled aisle and floral stands along the pathway.

Wedding Mandap Option 2

Wedding Mandap Option 3

Wedding Mandap Option 4

Wedding Mandap Option 5

Floral aisle with 4 standy

Foral Chaddar


Vintage Car

Wedding Doli


ADDONS (optional things can be added)

  1. Safas for baraatis

  2. Floral chaddar or doli for bride

  3. 11 piece brass band

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