My Wedding Planning - A Big Thank-You from Kirti & Rushi

Dearest Aloha, Ruchita, Sujay & Team,

Hope you guys are doing well.
I am so happy that I am not sitting to draft a mail of TTD’s or any kind of wedding planning for you all. Its such a sigh of relief to be done with the final leg of execution, get married and settle down 🙂
This mail is just to drop in a line of appreciation for the effort behind our wedding. Rushi and I are a happily married couple today and we are glad that we chose My Wedding Planning to organize our Royal Wedding.
Things We Loved: 
– Your Attitude : We always came up with different ideas, changes and suggestions. Everything was always welcomed very nicely, You all have been very calm and composed amidst all the chaos during the pre-wedding preparations as well as the function days.
– Work Ethic : Thank you for the constant updates, picking up our million calls, attending all the stressful meetings and working around everyone’s suggestion to make the event go in one direction.
– Loving Us : We chose you guys because we wanted someone around our age who understand the excitement, build it up for us and execute it even better! You guys did that for us and were so patient with all our frustrations throughout.
– Decor : The decor was superb for each function and we are glad all our guests loved it too. Our personal favorite is the Wedding Mandap. Thank you for that.
– Becoming Friends : We love the fact that we all are friends today and not clients to you all. We would love to keep in touch and hang out whenever possible.
A Big Thank-You for the perfect execution to our Royal Wedding! Thank you for making it memorable which will always stay in our hearts 🙂 Keep up the awesome work!
Keep in touch and let us know if you all ever need any help with anything. Would be happy to assist!



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