Color theme options

  • Hot pink and orange
  • Lime green and pink
  • Colorful mix colors like purple, green and orange


Inquire Availability


  1. An entrance arch will be decorated with colourful fabric and traditional florals
  2. 4 Colorful umbrellas as props at the entrance
  3. Backdrop for bridal seating
  4. Decorated swing for bride
  5. 4-5 trees decorated with marigold flowers
  6. 4 tents of size 10ft x 10 ft will be set up. Each tent to have 3 diwans with cushions and bolsters in theme colours
  7. 6 tables and 60 chairs with white covers to be provided by the hotel. Chair tiebacks to be provided by us in available colours to match your theme
  8. Each table to have a marigold floral arrangement as centerpiece.

Please check images below (Inclusion)

Entrance Arch

Floral colourful umbrella at entrance pathway

6 Marigold Floral arrangement

Bridal backdrop option 1

Bridal backdrop option 2 (Swing for Bride)

Mehendi artist

Colorful Chairbows in color theme selected

4 colorful tents in color theme selected with 3 diwans in each tent, with colourful pillows and bolsters

ADDONS (optional things can be added)

  1. DJ and Sound System
  2. Dhol players
  3. Mehendi artist for bride and guests
  4. Ambience Lighting if in the evening outdoor
  5. Sound and Lighting would require generator.