Every great wedding has a theme. This could be dictated by a colour, an era, or even centred on the venue’s own style. From a Royal theme, Arabian night, Rajwada theme, a Gatsby night, a Casino party or a Bollywood inspired sangeet, tropical Hawaiian themed Mehendi and an Enchanted Vintage garden theme Reception; we have it all. We will introduce you to the latest innovative and creative ideas in the business, or else work with any theme that you have envisioned.

Having a theme wedding makes your event truly unique and one that stands out from the usually uninspired Indian wedding.

Your wedding theme can be reflected in the invitations and stationery, dress code, decor and set up, entertainment, lighting, music, food and favors.

You need not have a large budget to have a theme at your wedding. We have many fun, simple and low cost ideas to make your wedding truly bespoke and custom-built.


Break away from the usual and venture into a world of elaborate and creative wedding themes.Yes, the wait is over as this trend has swept the Indian sensibilities and is emerging as an uber cool option for those who are willing to experiment and stand out in the crowd. Themed weddings are soon becoming very popular in India as couples want a wedding that is bespoke and unusual, reflecting their unique personality and style. Whether a simple colour theme, or a vintage inspired wedding, a classic modern take on Indian traditions or a romantic ‘crystals and floral’ inspired theme, the options are endless.


A rural rustic themed wedding with lots of traditional flowers, earthen pots, lanterns, bullock carts and other such props taking you to the interior of the country. Ingenious ways of serving food in banana leaves, warli painting, folk dances, urli and diya decorations can also be used to enhance the venue. This theme is especially great if you haven’t gone for a 5 star venue and instead opted for a farmhouse or outdoor space.


Decorating the stage and mandap in a ‘moon and star’ inspired theme is a beautiful dreamy idea for a romantic wedding ambience. LED lighting, fine drapes and careful detailing make this theme an absolute winner!


Using Chinese lanterns and traditional Chinese influences to decorate the venue; Floral Dragons and Chinese silk umbrellas as props and welcome girls clad in traditional kimonos to add an exotic flair to the wedding affair makes this an unusual theme for an Indian wedding.


Grand and opulent settings made possible by rich coloured linens like red, champagne, gold and cream;  surreal ambience lighting; decadent floral arrangements; grand stage decor and rich mandap design goes into making this our most popular wedding theme. Along with a careful selection of fine cuisine; entertainment and music fit for a king; and many other ideas that complement this theme, you will feel like royalty on your wedding day!


If your function is by the pool, why not use blue as a predominant color for the linens and lighting.


We will convert your venue into a swanky Casino with LED lights, Centrepieces that resemble card decks, custom linens and lounge area and other fun ideas to replicate a Casino.


From a cleverly thought of entry of the bride and groom, to decorations filled with bollywood inspired elements like posters of yesteryears film stars, awards night red carpet entry and entertainment, glitzy and glamorous centrepieces and stage design, as well as magnificent backdrops, all go in to the making of a Bollywood inspired sangeet.