1. An entrance arch in keeping with the theme

    Bollywood Theme Entrance arch with bulb

    Cameramen as props

    Bollywood standy

  2. Bollywood stage for 24 ft x 16 ft x 1 ft with a backdrop and LED star.

  3. 8 round tables and 100 chairs to be provided by the hotel.

  4. Red Chair tie-backs

  5. 10 customized Pop corn tubs as center pieces to be placed on the table with custom logo and bride and groom pictures

  6. Dialogue Placards to be placed on table

  7. 6 Bollywood Posters to be placed on the walls

  8. Theme based bar counter

  9. Generator

  10. Ambient and Intelligent lighting to light up the venue, smoke machine, 2 sharpy

  11. DJ with sound

  12. Sofa for bride and groom- free

  13. Entry for bride and groom

Please check images below (Inclusion)

Entrance with bulbs Cameramen props

Bollywood theme Standy

Bollywood theme Stage

Bollywood theme Stage

Wall Draping Led Light

Bollywood theme option 2


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